Apple’s secret plans for the iCar; Enjoy the atmosphere of a virtual bar

Rumors are flying that Apple is building a car

According to reports they’ve been talking to manufacturers about some kind of partnership. Bloomberg says Kia and Hyundai were in conversation with Apple, but those talks have now paused.

These aren’t new rumors – they apparently started working on a car in 2015 but have never confirmed or denied that.

I don’t see the upside for a car manufacturer. Apple is going to want epic control over every detail and you’ll be stretched to the limit to produce enough cars to meet demand. Apple isn’t known to be very good at sharing either so their partner isn’t likely to get access to their tech. 

Miss going to a bar? There’s an app for that..

In the USA bars have been closed for about 11 months now and they’re dearly missed. 

People are getting creative in their social distancing time and made an app to transport you to your fav spot. allows you to control the sounds of people talking, the ambience of the room, the street noise, the clinks and stirring of the bartender working away.. it’s blissful. You can flick on some music too.

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