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  1. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is stepping down from CEO; Uber’s now delivering booze audio

    This week: A Bezo-less future at Amazon; Uber acquires Drizly

  2. Find a bathroom on-demand; Tech giants still up, despite the pandemic audio

    This week: Wizz helps Uber drivers and other gig workers find a bathroom; The tech giants are still raking in the cash

  3. YouTube’s revenue revealed, A virtual traffic jam, Uber driver’s pick the price audio

    YouTube is revealed as a multi-billion dollar business, Why an artist was walking the streets with a wagon full of cellphones, Uber is trialing letting drivers change the price for a ride.

  4. Apple backs a Federal privacy bill, Translating Te Reo, Uber’s London ban audio

    This week: Apple just threw its weight into a Federal privacy bill, Understanding Te Reo is now even easier, Uber is not “fit and proper”.