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  1. The Branson/Bezos space race; Lego ideas in a magic app audio

    This week: The battle of the billionaires to blast off first, The answer to your Lego issues; Trump’s former aid has launched a social media platform

  2. Facebook bans Donald Trump for two years audio

    This week: Donald Trump’s off Facebook through the midterm elections but will be back in time for the Presidential Election

  3. Trump’s Facebook ban is upheld.. for now audio

    This week: Facebook’s Oversight Board sends the decision back to Facebook

  4. Biden’s Twitter reset; Trump’s Facebook ban heads for a review audio

    This week: Twitter has changed the rules on Biden; Facebook’s review board will decide if former President Trump’s ban was warranted.

  5. Iran sends emails to intimidate voters; Checkouts at the Apple Store; Tracking McBroken ice-cream machines audio

    This week: Threatening emails have been sent to some voters telling them to vote for Trump; Apple stores in the USA are temporarily going to have a checkout; Is the McDonald’s soft serve machine working?

  6. Donald Trump goes to hospital; Google doesn’t want you to wait on hold audio

    This week: [Non Tech] Donald Trump is taken to hospital for COVID-19; Google’s Assistant will go on hold for you

  7. What’s going on with TikTok? audio

    This week: Microsoft wants to take over Tiktok in the US for $50b, meanwhile competitors are popping up left and right.

  8. “Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over” audio

    If you’re Black in America, your iPhone could bring you justice.

  9. Understanding Section 230 and why it won’t help Trump audio

    This week: What’s going on with Trump and Twitter? What is Section 230?