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  1. Elon Musk now second richest in the world; Amazon’s online pharmacy audio

    This week: Elon Musk’s wealth continues to grow; Amazon Pharmacy is yet another benefit for Prime subscribers

  2. Playstation 5 pranks; Free Google storage to be limited; SpaceX to lift-off audio

    This week: Girlfriend’s are pranking their boyfriends; Google is starting to limit how much storage you get for free; Space fans, there’s another SpaceX liftoff this weekend

  3. SpaceX’s milestone bringing Astronauts back to Earth, the App bringing 00’s internet glory back audio

    This week: Another Elon Musk milestone could happen this weekend, There’s a new app that wants to bring back the early internet

  4. Samsung’s outdoor TV and SpaceX is taking people to the ISS audio

    This week: Samsung has a TV especially for outdoor viewing, SpaceX is about to put people into Space