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  1. Critical security flaw in Windows patched; Branson blasts off Sunday audio

    This week: If you own a PC, you need to install a security update now; Branson is off to space this weekend in his rocket plane

  2. Windows 11 announced; The Tamagotchi returns as a watch audio

    This week: Get ready for some changes to your PC; You’ll need to enter a lottery to get the new Tamagotchi

  3. Lime launches Mopeds in NYC; Word’s new font; Amazon adds billions in profit audio

    This week: First there were Lime Scooters, now there are Lime Mopeds; Microsoft Word is changing its default font; Amazon is crushing it.

  4. Microsoft’s Edge browser is rolling out a kids edition; Spotify introduces the ‘Car Thing’ audio

    This week: Keep kids from exploring too much of the Internet; Spotify’s dedicated streaming device fo your car

  5. Instagram for kids; Powerpoint gives presentation pointers; YouTube launches Shorts audio

    This week: Instagram is exploring a kids version of the app; Microsoft Powerpoint can now coach you to be a better presenter; YouTube’s trying to make a TikTok clone.

  6. Facebook has invented.. Facebook; Xbox’s pricing announced audio

    This week: Facebook creates a specialty Campus app; The new Xbox has a price; Artificial Intelligence used to mark tests is not smarter than a 12 year old!

  7. Slack sues Microsoft, a more durable cellphone, Twitter looks at subscriptions audio

    This week: Slack claims Microsoft is being anti-competitive, Your smartphone will soon last you longer, Twitter is looking at subscriptions

  8. The pandemic is forcing video conferencing innovation audio

    This week: Making virtual meetings feel more realistic, MmHmm wants to make Zooming more like TV, Dating during the pandemic has turned to video too

  9. Cleaning your iPhone, Coronavirus stock bump audio

    This week: it’s safe to clean your iPhone, Tech stocks are in the spotlight amid the selloff.

  10. Voting on your phone, Google’s detox Envelope, Bing forced on Chrome audio

    In Seattle, you’ll be able to do democracy on your phone, Google has developed a way to have a digital detox, Microsoft has found a way to get Chrome users to use Bing.