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  1. Iran sends emails to intimidate voters; Checkouts at the Apple Store; Tracking McBroken ice-cream machines audio

    This week: Threatening emails have been sent to some voters telling them to vote for Trump; Apple stores in the USA are temporarily going to have a checkout; Is the McDonald’s soft serve machine working?

  2. Introducing the iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini; Voting from overseas audio

    This week: Apple’s simplifying the iPhone range with the iPhone 12 and announced the HomePod Mini; NZ is making it easy to vote from overseas

  3. Paying with your palm; A new iPhone is coming audio

    This week: Shopping at Amazon’s stores without a wallet or even a device; The 2020 iPhone is on its way

  4. What you’ll find in Apple’s iOS14 & iPadOS 14 audio

    This week: With iOS 14, your iPhone’s home screen is getting a major upgrade, Group messaging gets some love, The Apple Pencil is becoming more powerful with the iPad.

  5. “Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over” audio

    If you’re Black in America, your iPhone could bring you justice.

  6. Making your iPhone work when wearing a mask, Oscars for home release movies audio

    Now we’re all wearing masks, Apple wants to make it easier to unlock your phone, COVID-19 has changed the criteria for Oscar nominations

  7. Benefits of the iPhone SE, Legacy systems slowing down US unemployment cash audio

    Apple’s new phone is more affordable, A great lesson on why you should keep your systems at work up to date

  8. Cleaning your iPhone, Coronavirus stock bump audio

    This week: it’s safe to clean your iPhone, Tech stocks are in the spotlight amid the selloff.