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  1. Instagram for kids; Powerpoint gives presentation pointers; YouTube launches Shorts audio

    This week: Instagram is exploring a kids version of the app; Microsoft Powerpoint can now coach you to be a better presenter; YouTube’s trying to make a TikTok clone.

  2. Fleets are the new way to Tweet; Instagram’s home screen gets a redesign audio

    This week: Fleets are disappearing Tweets.. or they’re Twitter’s version of Stories; Instagram’s home screen has been redesigned to make it easier to access their Reels and Shop offerings

  3. David Attenborough’s Instagram record; iOS 14’s widgets; a flying drone security system audio

    This week: Sir David Attenborough is now on Instagram; iOS 14 is out.. now what are these widgets?; A security camera that flies; A warning before you retweet

  4. The re-launched Microsoft Edge, An answer on editing tweets, IG’s direct messages for web, The iPhone is staying locked audio

    Microsoft’s new Internet browser is rolling out, We’ve got an answer to when we’re getting the edit button for Twitter, Instagram’s direct messages are coming to web, Apple has once again been asked to unlock the iPhone of a suspected criminal.