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  1. Learning from the Waikato DHB hack; Password protect your Google activity audio

    This week: Another good reason to check before you click; You can finally password protect your Google history

  2. Instagram for kids; Powerpoint gives presentation pointers; YouTube launches Shorts audio

    This week: Instagram is exploring a kids version of the app; Microsoft Powerpoint can now coach you to be a better presenter; YouTube’s trying to make a TikTok clone.

  3. My experience with Covid-19; Facebook & Google & Australia go to battle audio

    This week: It happened. I got COVID-19; Facebook & Google & Australia’s government battle over how to fund media

  4. Playstation 5 pranks; Free Google storage to be limited; SpaceX to lift-off audio

    This week: Girlfriend’s are pranking their boyfriends; Google is starting to limit how much storage you get for free; Space fans, there’s another SpaceX liftoff this weekend

  5. Find a bathroom on-demand; Tech giants still up, despite the pandemic audio

    This week: Wizz helps Uber drivers and other gig workers find a bathroom; The tech giants are still raking in the cash

  6. Donald Trump goes to hospital; Google doesn’t want you to wait on hold audio

    This week: [Non Tech] Donald Trump is taken to hospital for COVID-19; Google’s Assistant will go on hold for you

  7. Viewing your emails differently, Jeff Bezos on a spending spree audio

    This week: There’s a new way you can view your Gmail inbox, Jeff Bezos has splashed out on a new home

  8. YouTube’s revenue revealed, A virtual traffic jam, Uber driver’s pick the price audio

    YouTube is revealed as a multi-billion dollar business, Why an artist was walking the streets with a wagon full of cellphones, Uber is trialing letting drivers change the price for a ride.

  9. Voting on your phone, Google’s detox Envelope, Bing forced on Chrome audio

    In Seattle, you’ll be able to do democracy on your phone, Google has developed a way to have a digital detox, Microsoft has found a way to get Chrome users to use Bing.

  10. Google’s co-founders make way for new CEO, NSW has cameras to spot driving texters audio

    This week: Google’s co-founders have stepped aside, NSW has a new tool to crack down on cellphone use while driving