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  1. My experience with Covid-19; Facebook & Google & Australia go to battle audio

    This week: It happened. I got COVID-19; Facebook & Google & Australia’s government battle over how to fund media

  2. Biden’s Twitter reset; Trump’s Facebook ban heads for a review audio

    This week: Twitter has changed the rules on Biden; Facebook’s review board will decide if former President Trump’s ban was warranted.

  3. Tesla’s building Australia’s second big battery; Disappearing WhatsApp messages audio

    This week: The Victorian Big Battery will replace coal generators; WhatsApp’s new feature will delete messages after seven days

  4. Facebook has invented.. Facebook; Xbox’s pricing announced audio

    This week: Facebook creates a specialty Campus app; The new Xbox has a price; Artificial Intelligence used to mark tests is not smarter than a 12 year old!

  5. Facebook will pay you to get off Facebook, Laptops are selling like crazy audio

    This week: Facebook is researching its effects on the election, Laptops are in very short supply

  6. SpaceX’s milestone bringing Astronauts back to Earth, the App bringing 00’s internet glory back audio

    This week: Another Elon Musk milestone could happen this weekend, There’s a new app that wants to bring back the early internet

  7. Bezos richer post-divorce, Facebook’s push to wear masks, Removing race from tech vocab audio

    This week: Jeff Bezos’s wealth just continues to grow, Facebook is encouraging Americans to wear masks, There’s a movement to remove race charged phrases from the tech vocabulary

  8. “Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over” audio

    If you’re Black in America, your iPhone could bring you justice.

  9. What to expect from PlayStation 5, Facebook makes it easier to delete old posts audio

    This week: The PlayStation 5 has been revealed, Facebook’s big new hire is a former employee, Facebook makes deleting old content easier

  10. Wifi 6 and Wifi speed tips, and a COVID-19 Facebook reaction audio

    Wifi is about to get an upgrade, With Coronavirus, Facebook has a new way to react to posts in this Coronavirus era.