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  1. Calculating your body fat via your watch; Delta ruining return to office plans audio

    This week: Samsung’s unveils the Galaxy Watch 4; Back to the office delayed.. again.

  2. Amazon FireTV let’s you Zoom from the couch; Mandatory COVID vaccinations to return to the office audio

    This week: Zoom calls on your TV; Tech companies are requiring vaccination for their employees

  3. Biden takes the new electric F-150 for a spin; Pfizer’s vaccine will now be easier to distribute audio

    This week: Move over Tesla, Ford’s hitting the electric scene; Pfizer’s covid vaccine doesn’t require ultra cool temperatures

  4. A Federal Vaccine Finder is coming; Digital artwork sells for $69 million audio

    This week: The federal government is finally building a website to help people get vaccinated; Beeple makes bank

  5. My experience with Covid-19; Facebook & Google & Australia go to battle audio

    This week: It happened. I got COVID-19; Facebook & Google & Australia’s government battle over how to fund media

  6. Donald Trump goes to hospital; Google doesn’t want you to wait on hold audio

    This week: [Non Tech] Donald Trump is taken to hospital for COVID-19; Google’s Assistant will go on hold for you

  7. Facebook will pay you to get off Facebook, Laptops are selling like crazy audio

    This week: Facebook is researching its effects on the election, Laptops are in very short supply

  8. Bezos richer post-divorce, Facebook’s push to wear masks, Removing race from tech vocab audio

    This week: Jeff Bezos’s wealth just continues to grow, Facebook is encouraging Americans to wear masks, There’s a movement to remove race charged phrases from the tech vocabulary

  9. Are offices dead now we’re working from home? A new way to manage your Tabs audio

    This week: Is Work From Home here to stay? Seven Amazon workers have died from Covid-19, Tab lovers, we have news..

  10. Making your iPhone work when wearing a mask, Oscars for home release movies audio

    Now we’re all wearing masks, Apple wants to make it easier to unlock your phone, COVID-19 has changed the criteria for Oscar nominations