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  1. Amazon wants to tell you how fat you are, The NZX under attack audio

    This week: Amazon Halo comes with 3D models of your body and analyzes your mood, What happened with the NZX outage this week?

  2. Why “no code operations” will be the next big job in tech

    In my role at Airtable, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of startups. When we meet, we sometimes talk about how they could be using Airtable, but more often than not, we’ll just talk about the business in general. View Original

  3. Apple’s incredible valuation, Adobe’s app update deletes photos audio

    This week: Apple has become the first US company to hit $2 Trillion, An important reminder to make sure you’re backing up your data

  4. Fortnite and Apple’s battle royale audio

    This week: Fortnite wants the court to rule Apple is a monopoly – what that would mean for the App Store.

  5. New York and San Francisco Can’t Assume They’ll Bounce Back

    Big cities are taking a big hit from the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics from employment search giant Indeed show that major U.S. metropolitan areas have lost a larger percentage of jobs, and have experienced greater rises in unemployment, than smaller metros. View Original

  6. What’s going on with TikTok? audio

    This week: Microsoft wants to take over Tiktok in the US for $50b, meanwhile competitors are popping up left and right.