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  1. Understanding Section 230 and why it won’t help Trump audio

    This week: What’s going on with Trump and Twitter? What is Section 230?

  2. Samsung’s outdoor TV and SpaceX is taking people to the ISS audio

    This week: Samsung has a TV especially for outdoor viewing, SpaceX is about to put people into Space

  3. Now More Than Ever, Facebook Is a ‘Mark Zuckerberg Production’

    SAN FRANCISCO — On Jan. 27, at a regularly scheduled Monday morning meeting with top executives at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg turned the agenda to the coronavirus. View Original

  4. Wondering what’s safe as states start to reopen? Here’s what some public health experts say.

    As state and local governments begin to allow businesses and public spaces to reopen, you might be having difficulty deciding when and where to venture out. View Original

  5. Are offices dead now we’re working from home? A new way to manage your Tabs audio

    This week: Is Work From Home here to stay? Seven Amazon workers have died from Covid-19, Tab lovers, we have news..

  6. The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for a Vaccine?

    Around the world, hope for a return to normalcy is pinned on a vaccine, the “ultimate weapon,” as it’s been called by officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. View Original

  7. The Media’s Coronavirus Coverage Has Exposed its Working-Class Ignorance

    We are living in a situation where everything in the world should, by all rights, be falling apart. Anything that isn’t currently in the process of disintegrating is only being held together by the exhausted toil of workers whom we have only recently crowned “essential. View Original

  8. A possible robot cleaner invasion, Elon Musk’s baby has a bizarre name audio

    A US airport has a new robot cleaning army, Elon Musk’s got creative in the baby naming game

  9. Making your iPhone work when wearing a mask, Oscars for home release movies audio

    Now we’re all wearing masks, Apple wants to make it easier to unlock your phone, COVID-19 has changed the criteria for Oscar nominations