Archive for November, 2019

  1. Apple backs a Federal privacy bill, Translating Te Reo, Uber’s London ban audio

    This week: Apple just threw its weight into a Federal privacy bill, Understanding Te Reo is now even easier, Uber is not “fit and proper”.

  2. Robots read the fine print, Motorola’s folding phone, Ford’s debut electric SUV audio

    This week: Robots are helping us understand what we’re signing up for, We’ve got another folding phone, Ford has launched their first all-electric SUV.

  3. Photoshop makes your iPad more computer-like, YouTube’s new watch queue audio

    This week: Adobe’s Photoshop makes its iPad debut, two changes to look for on YouTube.

  4. Netflix rewinds a feature idea, Can we bundle streaming overload? audio

    This week: Netflix has had to reverse some of its plans because Hollywood wasn’t happy