Wordle is coming to a table near you; Starlink goes on-the-move

Wordle goes offline

The internet game is getting an ‘offline version’. The NYT and Hasbro have teamed up to create ‘Wordle: The Party Game’.

You could very easily create it at home as it’s just mini whiteboards and tiles with either green or yellow for yes or no.

It’ll be $20 and is ready for shipping around October in North America.  

More affordable satellite internet is coming to campervans and boats 

Elon Musk’s Starlink has got a new customer base – those on the move. The FCC has given approval for cars, trains, planes and boats to be connected to Starlink’s internet. 

It was previously only available to homes and stationary campervans. The Starlink service is significantly cheaper than other satellite operators, who typically use geostationary satellites. Starlink uses thousands of lower altitude satellites which move, but are arranged so there’s always a cluster in view. 

Hawaiian Airlines has signed up for the service to provide free internet for passengers. 

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