What to expect from PlayStation 5, Facebook makes it easier to delete old posts

The PlayStation 5 has been revealed

It’s a slick looking black and white machine which can stand vertically, or lie horizontally – but it’s been mocked on Twitter as looking like a wireless router with a piece of paper stuck to each side.

The PS5 will come in two variations, either with or without a an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. With no drive, you’ll need to download all your games from the internet.

The 8K graphics in these new consoles are stunning – and the demos we’ve seen show incredibly lifelike graphics — from the facial details, the way characters move, the way the characters respond to the landscapes. It’s beyond impressive.The PS5 comes with a stack of accessories too… including a controller charging station, an HD camera, a wireless headset and a remote control.We don’t know pricing yet, or exact availability, but it’ll be here in time for the holiday period.

Facebook’s big new hire is a former employee?

His name is Chris Cox and he’s returning to the job he left a year ago. He quit when CEO Mark Zukerburg announced his vision for all messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to be encrypted. Well now he’s back because.. well no one is quite sure. He says it because he says Facebook’s products have never been more “relevant to the future”. His life has been shaped by Facebook – he was one of the first 15 employees and has got filthy rich from it.

Facebook makes deleting old content easier

About time! Facebook has made it way too difficult for too long to delete old content. The way people have used Facebook and who they accept as friends has changed over the years. If there were things you wanted to delete it was a painfully manual process. Now you can “Manage Activity” You need to do it through the Facebook Mobile app. Posts users send to the trash will stay there for 30 days before being deleted unless they choose to manually delete or restore them before then. You’ll be able to filter posts such as those that include specific people or posts from a specific date range.

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