Twitter’s internal tools hacked, ‘Zoom for Home’

Twitter has had a very worrying hack

Very prominent accounts were hit but it wasn’t anything they did – the hacker managed to get access to Twitter’s internal tools. These tools allow employees to suspend accounts, reset passwords, and more.. but also allow the admins to be able to post as the user. This is wildly worrying – especially when prominent figures use Twitter to communicate directly to people – and a real wake up call for companies to think about how to limit what access employees have to these type of ‘god-like’ powers.

We don’t know who is behind this or how they got into the tools. We also don’t know if they tried to post as President Donald Trump, but we do know that his account has extra protections on it.

Zoom now sells a home video conferencing kit

Zoom says people still find getting connected to meetings difficult, so is working to make it easier by selling a new tool. It’s a 27 inch tablet, with three smart webcams built in and eight microphones. It comes pre-installed with Zoom and is very similar to the types of Zoom kits that you expect in meeting rooms, except that this one is an all-in-one machine. The idea is you can pull it out of the box and it’s ready to go.

It’s $599 and will start shipping next month.

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