SpaceX’s milestone bringing Astronauts back to Earth, the App bringing 00’s internet glory back

Another Elon Musk milestone could happen this weekend

His company SpaceX is planning to bring back the NASA astronauts from the International Space Station on the “Crew Dragon”. It’s the first time humans will have returned to earth on a privately owned spacecraft and is likely to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida, on Saturday night.

They think they’ll have the Dragon ready to head back to space in two months – an impressive turnaround.

There’s a new app that wants to bring back the early internet

Think those crazy MySpace pages and GeoCities sites with flashing backgrounds, fun fonts and wordart.. well it’s back.  The app “Egg” is from an experiments team at Facebook and they want you to ‘express yourself’. Think the creativity people bring now to their Snapchat or Instagram Stories with stickers, text and drawing added – but now captured on a page and all done from your phone.

This Facebook NPE team is trying to find ways to grow Facebook’s audience and appeal to new audiences and have created a bunch of apps – from showcasing your hobbies, to showing friends when you’re available to chat, an app for couples and even to collaborate on making music.

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