Remember the Casio G-Shock? It’s back!; Space-X shows off its passenger spacecraft

Casio’s G-Shock returns as a smart watch

Of course it’s shock resistant and waterproof down to 200 meters. It’s far more rugged than an Apple Watch, designed for outdoor activities from surfing to snowboarding. It’s got a GPS, altitude sensor, heart rate monitor and a one and a half day battery. It’ll run Android’s Wear OS. It’s not cheap though at $699 USD.

We’re starting to get a first look of how civilians will see space

If you’re rich enough, or lucky enough, to be chosen to fly on Space X’s Crew Dragon, you’ll get an amazing view. The civilian passenger version of the space capsule will have a 360 degree view of space through a glass dome. It’s taking the place of the dock which is used to connect to the Internal Space Station – because they won’t be docking anywhere. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic “SpaceShip 3” looks more like a plane and doesn’t have the unobstructed views that the Space X capsule does.

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