Photoshop makes your iPad more computer-like, YouTube’s new watch queue

Photoshop comes to the iPad

We’re much much closer now to having the iPad be able to take over the role of a laptop in your life.

Safari’s iPad browser now views webpages as if you were on a laptop, you can use a mouse(!) and now, Photoshop is available.

It’s not a cut down version, it’s a full version allowing you to do everything you can do on your desktop, on your iPad. The layout and controls are a little different but all the features are there.

Adobe’s Illustrator will be next to launch on iPad, but not until 2020.

Two changes have been rolled out on YouTube

1. The homepage has been updated. There’ll be fewer videos on it, but they’ll be bigger

2. There’s a new ‘watch next’ feature. On the homepage, or when you’re watching a video you’ll be able to hover over a video thumbnail and click to queue it up next.

It’ll override the algorithm and put you in control.

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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