Lush turns off their social media; Samsung to open $17 billion factory in Texas

Lush is bailing on social media

They’ve deleted all their content from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok saying they’ll stay off those social media channels globally until the platforms ensure a safer environment for their users.

They’re saying goodbye to strong marketing channels with 659,000 Instagram followers, 275,000 Twitter fans and more than 1 million Facebook followers.

They say their products – like the bath bomb – are designed to help people switch off and relax – which is the opposite to what social media does.

Samsung to start making chips in Texas

They’ll be spending $17 billion on a new factory spanning five million square meters and creating 2,000 jobs – it’s a big project!

They’ll be making advanced logic semiconductors, which are used in phones and computers. It’s an effort by Samsung to diversify the supply chain for desperately needed chips, which are largely produced in Asia.

Biden’s administration will be happy with this news because they’re focusing on bringing more critical manufacturing closer to these shores – the supply chain holes are so glaring it’s becoming a national security risk.

This will be Samsung’s biggest investment in the USA so far, and should be producing components from late 2024. 

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