Lime launches Mopeds in NYC; Word’s new font; Amazon adds billions in profit

First there were Lime Scooters, now there are Lime Mopeds

After a successful launch in Washington DC, Lime is starting the rollout of electric mopeds in New York City. They are bright green, parked on the street, and ready to ride with just a click of an app. They work just like a Lime Scooter charging an unlock fee plus a ride per minute fee. There is a helmet locked in the back for riders to wear – and you need to submit a photo of yourself wearing the helmet before you can start.

When you sign up for the service you also need to take a rider safety course and submit your drivers license for verification.  

Electric mopeds are already super popular in NYC. They launched a couple of years ago by a startup called Revel. Lime will be the second provider.

Microsoft Word is changing its default font 

But to what.. you can help decide. Calibri took over from Times New Roman in 2007 but now it’s time for something new. Microsoft has commissioned five new fonts – which are available now in Office 365 for you to try. So will it be an industrial style typeface, a serif, a sans-serif, something more contemporary, or traditional?

The default won’t change until the launch of Office 2022.

Amazon is crushing it 

What pandemic? They just released their Q1 results and they’re 44% up on last year with net-sales. Profits have gone from $2.5 billion this time last year, to $8.1 billion in Q1 of this year.  Amazon Prime has 200 million members. 

My Robinhood stocks app has Amazon as a 96% buy rating, 4% hold. That would suggest analysts think there is a LOT more potential for growth yet. 

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