Instagram for kids; Powerpoint gives presentation pointers; YouTube launches Shorts

Instagram is exploring a kids version of the app

Apparently kids under 13 are asking their parents for Instagram accounts but giving them those are 1) against the terms of service and 2) letting them off into the discover tab with no oversight. 

Instagram says they want to change that.. by launching a kids app with parental controls and ways to give parents “transparency” – so I assume that means a look into what their kids are liking and following. It’s still early days but FB says they’ll share more later. Messenger for Kids was launched in 2017.

Microsoft Powerpoint can now coach you to be a better presenter

The AI robots can now watch you deliver a presentation and give you pointers on how to make it better.

Speaking too fast? It’ll tell you!
Too many umms? It’ll tell you!
Are your eyes looking all over the place? It’ll tell you!
Reading your slides? Yep.. it’ll tell you!

It’s been available on the web version of Powerpoint for a bit, but is now launching in the Windows and Mac apps. 

YouTube’s trying to make a TikTok clone

Save me. YouTube Shorts has launched in the USA in beta. You won’t need to download a new app, it’s available on your mobile YouTube app home screen. It’ll have the same personalized feed like TikTok for you to get lost in, but won’t have the advanced creator features like “duet”.

One benefit is that the videos are available across all of YouTube so can easily be shared and embedded too.

The reviews haven’t been hot. 

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