Fleets come to Twitter, Visiting the ISS, Coronavirus cancellations

First there was a Tweet.. now there’s a “fleet”?

A fleet is a tweet that’s available for a fleeting moment, well 24 hours. Twitter wants people to tweet the things that might usually be sent to draft. The things on the tip of their tongue, or the things that pop into your head. People are more cautious now with what they Tweet because they know it’s headed to their archive. 

Fleets can’t be retweeted, they don’t have likes and people can only reply to the sender via a Direct Message. They CAN though be screenshot-ed and shared so people should still be careful with what they post.

Fleets are not a sure thing though – they’re being tested in Brazil now and it’s TBD on when they’ll roll out globally.

The International Space Station is getting visitors

This is the stuff of dreams! Three tourists will get to visit the ISS next year on a SpaceX rocket. The whole trip is 10 days – 2 days of travel with at least eight days with astronauts sharing their space. Tickets don’t come cheap though – they’ll be around $55 million. One is already booked, there are two to go.

There’s a Coronavirus website that’s going viral online..

isitcancelledyet.com has one purpose, it tells you what has been cancelled. The Olympics? Still on. The Coachella music festival? Not cancelled. There are a few fun ones thrown in there too.

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