David Attenborough’s Instagram record; iOS 14’s widgets; a flying drone security system

Sir David Attenborough is now on Instagram

It only took him four hours to hit 1 million followers – which is actually a Guinness World Record. He beat out Jennifer Aniston’s record of 1 million followers in five hours and 16 minutes. He now has 3 million followers and his first post has been viewed 12 million times.

He’s going to be using the platform to shine a light on the problems, but also the solutions. 

IOS 14 is out.. now what are these widgets?

Widgets are snippets of an app that you can put on your home screen.So now you don’t need to open your calendar to see the next appointment, or you don’t need to open the weather app to see the current temperature – it’s all right there. Reminders, stocks, Podcasts and more.. plus expect to see more widgets made available in the coming months.

To add them, hold your finger down on an open space on the Home Screen and then everything will start jiggling. Tap the plus button and browse the options. You’ll need to make sure you have iOS14 installed, but also the iOS 14 versions of your other apps so the widgets are active.

A security camera that.. flies?

Why have a security camera in a fixed location that might miss the action? Amazon’s Ring has invented a security camera that takes off when the connected alarm system detects an issue. It can also follow a path around your home like its on a security patrol.

Want to see if you left the stove was left on.. deploy the drone!
Want to see if the iron is still plugged in.. deploy the drone!

A warning before you retweet

Twitter is rolling out a feature that will prompt you if you’re about to retweet an article you haven’t read.“Headlines can be misleading” it says.

When they tested this feature, people opened articles 40% more often and the proportion of people who opened articles before retweeting increased by 33%.

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