Are offices dead now we’re working from home? A new way to manage your Tabs

Is Work From Home here to stay?

If you work at Twitter – yep! They’ll allow employees to work from anywhere.. indefinitely. That may mean you can reduce your commute by up to 2 hours each day or you could move to a cheaper city or town. You could even move to a different country. What that will mean for SF is yet to be seen but if other companies set similar policies it could really mix things up.

Living in San Francisco and New York is expensive – but companies usually compensate for that. So if they’re living elsewhere, will they still? Now that remove work has been proven, could that mean companies spread their search for talent to cheaper areas?

There are now seven known Amazon workers who have died.. but there may be more?

We don’t know because the company won’t say how many have been infected, or how many have died. Workers have had to keep an ear to the ground and their own tally. The workers say the company hasn’t been forthcoming with its workers in the distribution centers either, making it difficult for them to judge how risky their job is. There are big questions about how safe it is to be working in a warehouse at the moment and this lack of information isn’t helping.

Tab lovers, we have news..

If you love having dozens and dozens of tabs open, Google’s Chrome wants to help you out. They’re going to let you group them! You’ll be able to right click on tabs to add them to groups and then label those groups with a custom name, color, emoji or a combination of the three. It’s in beta at the moment, but will begin rolling out globally next week.

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