Apple’s keyboard, Space tourists and Snapchat’s milestone

It’s the beginning of the end for Apple’s busted keyboard design?

It’s been a sore spot for a good few years now, but Apple is going to finally change course.

Fixing the keyboard mistake is going to be a slow process though. The new scissor keyboard mechanism will debut on the 16” MacBook Pro rumored for September.. then over 2020 and 2021 the other models will be refreshed.

The International Space Station is getting prepared for new visitors?

Space X and Boeing are both developing spacecraft to go to the international Space Station.. but it’s one of Space X’s that is setting up a path for the future.

Heading to the ISS is the “International Docking Adapter” – the second of its kind. It will allow these new space aircraft to dock at the ISS — and even be able to dock by themselves.

So that’ll be two parking spots effectively for commercial craft.. and maybe even space tourists?

Snapchat stepping out from the shadows?

Snapchat was talked about as the third social network for a while but then it slowed way way down when Instagram stole its stories concept and Snapchat did a bizarre untested redesign.

Well it’s been two years but Snapchat is back. For the first time ever it hit 200MM daily active users.

Snap says it’s different from all the other social networks because its a “delete by default” platform and is all about privacy.

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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