Apple’s incredible valuation, Adobe’s app update deletes photos

Apple has become the first US company to hit $2 Trillion

That is more than New Zealand (US$205 Billion) and Australia’s ($US1.4 Trillion) GDP combined!

It was only two years ago that Apple hit $1 Trillion – so it’s doubled in value in 24 months.

As we talked about last weekend, Apple is facing pressure to open up its walled garden and this milestone may now work against them.

An important reminder to make sure you’re backing up your data

An update to Adobe’s photo editing Lightroom app for iOS has caused user’s photos and presets to be wiped clean. This affected any users of the app who didn’t have an Adobe Cloud subscription – but Adobe hasn’t said how many customers that is.

It wasn’t just photos that were wiped, presets were too – including those that people had purchased.

Backup important digital assets to the cloud and if something is super important try to keep a copy on a physical drive or across multiple cloud services.

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