Training Alexa to sound like your dead relative; Gmail’s new look

Alexa’s new trick is rather creepy

With just one minute of recorded audio, Alexa can learn how to talk like someone. Amazon showed off this tech by having a child ask her dead grandmother to read her a bedtime story. There isn’t yet a plan to make this available to the public. 

With these advances in technology, it’s soon going to be very difficult to tell what information is real, and what is a ‘deep fake’. There’s also new AI tech (DALL-E 2) which can generate realistic images from words. “Aliens on the streets of New York” or “Surfing Santa” would generate multiple options of that scene. 

Your Gmail may start to look different 

The new design brings together Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet in one ‘Workspace’. It’s meant to make it easier to access these new tools. Users have been able to opt into this change since February but Google is now making it opt-in by default. If you really hate it, you’ll be able to change it back in the settings, but know that at some point in the future that option will too go away. 

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