Talking Tech - April 4:
Keeping your Zoom secure and how to make it fun

Zoom is in the spotlight.. and now there are privacy concerns?

For the first time they’ve released their user numbers. In December 2019 they had 10 million monthly users.. now it’s up to 200 million monthly participants so it’s no surprise the application is now under the microscope.

Their privacy policy is now updated to reflect that they were sending data to third-parties.. and they’ve clarified that they aren’t encrypted end-to-end as the website suggested.. but their issue of “Zoom-bombing” can be solved by users updating the default settings.

  • Treat your meeting IDs like phone numbers. Don’t share them publicly.
  • Consider using a different meeting ID per meeting, rather than relying on your Personal Meeting Id (PMI).
  • Consider allowing a meeting only to start if the host is present.
  • Consider adding a password for the meeting room.
  • Consider updating the screen sharing settings so only the host can share.
  • If anyone knows your Personal Meeting ID it’s easy for people to jump in at anytime, so think about using the schedule a meeting feature for something you want to 

If you’re sick of looking at yourself, keep it fresh with a new background

You can download a fun background for free from

There are Lizzo concerts, the Starship Enterprise, bars, beaches and more.

Or have fun with camera effects

Plus, if you love Snapchat’s fun animated filters and costumes on your phone, you can get those now on your computer. They work with almost any video conferencing service. Check that out at

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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