How would you feel if your phone’s camera was always watching?

Coming soon to a new Android near you soon

Qualcomm’s latest processor will have this capability – which means it could be coming to Android devices as early as next year.

Here’s how they’re pitching it..

  • It’ll be easier to unlock your phone because it will unlock the moment you look at it. You can then quickly look over at your phone to see notifications instead of needing to pick it up. 
  • It’ll make yyour phone more secure, because as soon as you’re not looking at it, it will lock. If it can see you and someone else, then private information or notifications could be hidden.

Qualcomm says the images are not recorded or saved, the camera is only scanning for faces. When it’s in this scanning mode, none of the other phone’s functions are connected. Only when a face is detected is when those other systems are activated and the face is authenticated.