Talking Tech - February 28:
Viewing your emails differently, Jeff Bezos on a spending spree

There’s a new way you can view your Gmail inbox

The way we view our email has been basically the same since we got our first address.. the newest emails go at the top and they go backwards. Well is that really the best way? What about people at work who use their inbox like a to-do list? A startp has re-invented Gmail’s interface using a Chrome extension. It’s a mix of Gmail and Trello. It’s called Drag –

  • You can drag and drop your emails into an order you choose..
  • You can create columns or groups of emails to better organize
  • You can add notes right along side an email
  • You can bundle multiple emails into one

Jeff Bezos has splashed out on a new home

He cashed out $3.5 billion dollars of Amazon shares recently and is on a spending spree! He spent $160 million dollars on a Beverly Hills estate on nine acres of land – said to be one of the last grand estates of the golden Hollywood Age.

It was a 13,000 square foot home built for Warner Brothers film boss Jack Warner in the 1930s with expansive terraces, tennis court, pool and a nine-hole gold course. 

Paul Stenhouse is the Technology Contributor on Newstalk ZB’s ‘Saturday Morning with Jack Tame’.

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