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  1. Lime launches Mopeds in NYC; Word’s new font; Amazon adds billions in profit audio

    This week: First there were Lime Scooters, now there are Lime Mopeds; Microsoft Word is changing its default font; Amazon is crushing it.

  2. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is stepping down from CEO; Uber’s now delivering booze audio

    This week: A Bezo-less future at Amazon; Uber acquires Drizly

  3. Gamestop blows up Robinhood; Amazon’s vaccine delivery offer audio

    This week: It’s the internet vs Wall Street as GameStop stocks soar; Amazon offers President Biden its help to distribute vaccines

  4. Elon Musk now second richest in the world; Amazon’s online pharmacy audio

    This week: Elon Musk’s wealth continues to grow; Amazon Pharmacy is yet another benefit for Prime subscribers

  5. Find a bathroom on-demand; Tech giants still up, despite the pandemic audio

    This week: Wizz helps Uber drivers and other gig workers find a bathroom; The tech giants are still raking in the cash

  6. Paying with your palm; A new iPhone is coming audio

    This week: Shopping at Amazon’s stores without a wallet or even a device; The 2020 iPhone is on its way

  7. David Attenborough’s Instagram record; iOS 14’s widgets; a flying drone security system audio

    This week: Sir David Attenborough is now on Instagram; iOS 14 is out.. now what are these widgets?; A security camera that flies; A warning before you retweet

  8. Amazon wants to tell you how fat you are, The NZX under attack audio

    This week: Amazon Halo comes with 3D models of your body and analyzes your mood, What happened with the NZX outage this week?

  9. Bezos richer post-divorce, Facebook’s push to wear masks, Removing race from tech vocab audio

    This week: Jeff Bezos’s wealth just continues to grow, Facebook is encouraging Americans to wear masks, There’s a movement to remove race charged phrases from the tech vocabulary

  10. Are offices dead now we’re working from home? A new way to manage your Tabs audio

    This week: Is Work From Home here to stay? Seven Amazon workers have died from Covid-19, Tab lovers, we have news..